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Duluth Candle Company is a one woman show, run by me, Anna Little, and all the awesome people who help me make it happen. Turns out candle bribes are received really well. 

This isn’t my day job, but is definitely the job that keeps me awake at night—in the best way possible. When I'm not in the ad world during the day or the candle studio at night, I'm usually listening to a true crime podcast or old school country, reading a book, or exploring the craft beer scene. No complaints here.


Where it
all began

Duluth Candle Company was never supposed to be a company at all. 

But then a business plan was assigned in a marketing class and Duluth Candle Company was (accidentally) born. When the professor urged everyone to think of something they liked to do, I laughed to myself and thought “How am I going to sell lounging under a blanket with a book?” But books and blankets are only part of the reason I consider myself a loud and proud homebody. Eventually I realized that my most relaxed times, or really any time at all, a candle was burning and contributing to the mood.

Duluth Candle Company was inspired by my hometown. The authenticity of the fragrances, the simplicity of the product and the welcoming warmth of the complete candle. I now live in Minneapolis and see Duluth Candle Company as a way to take a little bit of Duluth with me wherever I go and for others to do the same.

Thank you for helping to turn a lightbulb moment into a reality and for supporting a small, local business. Isn’t life cool?